CupcakeCamp Vancouver!

The OFFICIAL Cupcake Competitions:

Posted on: July 1, 2009

Attention CupcakeCampYVR bakers, this post is for you! Here’s the official list of cupcake competitions that will be held during the first ever CupcakeCamp Vancouver event.

Get your spatulas ready, because you can compete in any one of the following contests: 

1. Best Tasting Cupcake: Yup, this is exactly what it sounds like. Our esteemed C3YVR judges will sample your cupcakes and determine what tastes the best of the bunch!

2. Best Decorated Cupcake: Just like on Iron Chef, you’ll get extra points for plating and presentation. Taste is taking a backseat to style in this competition, but please don’t forget the sugar. You can go artistic, extravagant, or minimalist, the choice is all yours.

3. Most Creative Cupcake: This is your chance to go wild with the flavours, decorations and all the wonderful ephemera that goes along with cupcakes. Bring your best, weirdest, and most fun designs to be judged by the panel. Creativity really counts-whether it be in your decoration, ingredients, or the slam-poem that you recite right before the judges take their first nibble. 

The only thing we ask is that you please choose to enter only one of the competitions, as we’re going to have a lot of participants and not a lot of time! 

Protocol for entering: Nothing fancy- just make sure that you get to the event before registration closes (7PM). We’ll need you to give us your name, the name of your cupcake, and one cake out of those that you’ve brought to the event. We will make sure your cupcake is set aside in a special judge’s zone, so that it doesn’t get mixed in with the feeding frenzy.


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Quick Look:

WHAT: CupcakeCamp Vancouver #1

WHEN: Friday, July 10th from 6:30-9:30 PM

WHERE: Workspace! #400-21 Water St. Vancouver

Click the links along the top of the page for more information about C3YVR #1 !

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