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The morning after C3YVR! Part 2- The Event!

Posted on: July 11, 2009

I think this post is going to be even more difficult to write than the first one, because there was so much activity last night it’s nearly impossible to remember all of the fun things that happened!

For the organizers, the event actually started around 8:00 AM- with all of the prep work, testing the PA system, and running around the city to make sure everything would go smoothly. All of the volunteers gathered in a gaggle at Workspace and set up in record time- except the microphone wasn’t working, at the very last minute! It turns out that the original mic we grabbed was actually -too- good for the cheap PA system, so we had to run about 4 blocks back to ground zero to grab a cheaper mic. Strange! We only had a few hiccups after that, but it seems like most things were running smoothly once the event got started at 6:30 PM.

Liana and Yumi working the registration table. Photo by Cookiestork!

Once guests started gathering, the work really got under-way for the volunteers. They were incredibly efficient at signing-in attendees, labeling the cupcakes to go out, and organizing the timeline so that cupcakes could be sent out in 15-minute intervals. At 7:00, we started announcing cupcakes to the crowd, and the frenzy began. 

Spectacular Coconut Mojito Cupcakes- with a glimpse at our organization system. Photo by John Biehler.

To keep the attendees entertained during ‘down’ time between cupcakes, we organized two events with some really neat prizes. Remember that post about the cupcake carrier door prize? Yup, those were available to people who were willing to compete. The first event was a cupcake race! The first person to make it five times around the ‘track’ won the cupcake carrier prize:

And she was wearing heels, too! Photo by John Biehler 🙂

Our second event was, of course, the traditional no-hands eating contest. The first place winner won a cupcake carrier, and all of the entrants were given a ‘consolation’ prize of handmade cupcake necklaces from etsy. Sweet!

The sweet taste of success- Photo by John Biehler.

The cupcakes pictured in the eating contest were ‘Coke Float’ cupcakes, and no they didn’t eat the straws..!

Photo by John Biehler.

We sent so many cupcakes out over the course of the night, that we forgot to get a final tally on how many dozen went out. Apologies for that, but we’re so happy to have had so many bakers join us and share cupcakes with the crowd. The amount of creativity, hard-work and thoughtfulness that went into these cupcakes was overwhelming. These beautiful cupcakes just say so much without saying anything at all:

(All photos by John Biehler– From top to bottom are Green Tea cupcakes, French Toast with Bacon Garnish, ‘Burgers’, and Raspberry Dreamsicles.)

Around 8:30, judging began- it was recapped in Part 1, but here’s a good photo from the ‘tasting’ portion:

Photo of the tasting competition by Cookiestork

To ensure that the judges didn’t get sugar-shock for the tasting portion, we made sure to cut each cupcake in half and provided forks and plenty of water! From front to back, our judges were- Angela, Eagranie, Lyndsay, Rosemary, and Kate. Judging went on for roughly 1/2 an hour, as the judges wanted to be as fair as possible and really put some good thought into who would take the grand prize for each section. I don’t envy them, that was hard work!

One of the contenders for ‘most creative’ cupcakes- OSX as cupcakes! Oh my goodness. Photo by John Biehler.

At 9:30 the event was officially ‘over’, but the last announcement had to be made: We raised $540.00 for the Downtown Eastside Womens Centre! (Well, just over $540 due to the US dollars.. but that will be figured out at the bank!) 

Holy moly. That’s a LOT of money. 

This money is going to be turned into a cheque, and hand-delivered to the DEWC under the name ‘CupcakeCamp Vancouver.’ 

…And that’s it! We’ve saved the best for last, knowing that everyone who contributed did something really good last night, for our community. Thanks again to everyone who participated, from the volunteers to the judges to the bakers and attendees. We want to give special thanks to Isabelle Guns for all of her amazing hard work and generous, generous donations to the cause and to the event. 

See you next year!

You can read Part 1 of this post, here.


10 Responses to "The morning after C3YVR! Part 2- The Event!"

[…] Tasters & Judges The morning after C3YVR! Part 2- The Event! What’s going on tonight? The CupcakeCampYVR […]

I don’t want to be negative on my blog about this event, as it was probably your first time organizing something so large, but I would like to give you some feedback if you do this again.

-The space was beautiful, but it was hotter inside than out. If you were there so early, maybe efforts could have been made to procure some fans from home? Maybe even twitter requests sent out?

-The cupcakes should have been cut in half so that more people could have tried them, and sugar fatigue wouldn’t have been reached so soon.

-Sending cupcakes out every 15 minutes leaves 13 minutes of nothing to do, despite having 2 contests. Also, I think putting them out on tables would have been more efficient than getting people to carry them around, would have looked better, and possibly more people would have had a chance to get at them, since they could hone in on what they like. You could put more out in less waves. Also, you could put signs next to the cupcakes with the person’s name and maybe website or Twitter or whatever, and if the cupcake is vegan or anything special.

-Hoarding cupcakes in tupperwares is just not sporting! That shouldn’t have been allowed. Would people go to a party and do that?

-Name tags? Just a thought. A mingling game would have been nice.

-Announcing or putting up a timeline for events. People like to know what’s going to happen when. Maybe we would have stuck around for the judging had we known, and my friend would have been there to get her prize. Also, if you have to be present to win, you should probably make that clear somewhere. On the website or at the door if someone is entering.

Once again, I am not hating on your event, just offering constructive criticism for next time.

Hi Lydia, those are all definitely good thoughts for next year. Thanks for your honest criticism 🙂

As for hoarding- did that happen among attendees? The volunteers in the staging area were setting aside marked cupcakes for the competitions, and I hope nobody misconstrued that as hoarding. It was part of the system to keep those cupcakes from being sent out accidentally.

I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the next one. In fact I already have some recipe ideas.

No, I know that was the staging area. There was at least one guy with a tupperware and someone else with a plate full of cupcakes who I imagine had to be saving them. I guess you couldn’t have anticipated that, as it’s just bad form.

Hi Lydia, to clarify- the only cupcakes being set aside in the staging area were ones being reserved for contests, or ones intended to be sent out in multiple waves (because there were too many to put out on the trays). None of the volunteers were hoarding any cupcakes, as there weren’t any left over when the night was done! 🙂


I realize this probably isn’t your first time complaining about events, but you need to relax.

Sure, the venue was hot, but it wasn’t the end of the world. The administration wasn’t squeaky clean perfect, but this was an event purely for fun and to gather funds for the DTES Woman’s Association.

By your complaints I gather you expected something far more professional, rather than the light hearted gathering it was intended to be.

If you were bored between cupcakes being brought out, talk to people. Socialize. The camp wasn’t created to stimulate you 100% of the time.

I can imagine the volunteers walked out with the cupcakes to be more social and engaging, while being able to monitor how many cupcakes each person had. This makes complete sense to me – it’s more logical than having a free for all on a table.

As for the accused hoarding, you can’t blame or get accusatory at the admin for the camp. You can’t control what people decide to do, be it in good form, or not.

I agree that next time a timeline would be helpful, but like I mentioned before, the event was very casual.

As the first CupcakeCamp YVR, I feel the event went very well. Sure there were a few snags and the heat may have been a bit uncomfortable, but Stephanie and the rest of the CCC YVR crew did an excellent job, and I had a fantastic time.

I can’t wait till the next CupcakeCamp YVR!!

cupcakecamp YVR was amazing. all of the organizers and volunteers kicked major ass.
and the cupcakes were divine.
all around good time.

not gonna please everyone but you made me a happy kitty. 🙂

I can’t WAIT for the next one!

I really enjoyed it, I just hope that next time it will be open to more people.

I think initially Lydia was trying to give some great feedback about the event – I totally agreed with her comments. That’s part of how events evolve, right? And I know Lydia and so I know her post was not meant to be harsh in any way. So hopefully if I say so that might clear the air.

The hoarding (which I was also witness to) was not admins – it was attendees in the general area (not the staging area) and Lydia did not once accuse the admins in her post… it was by attendees – and my impression was that we were all there to eat cupcakes together, not to save extras in tupperware and eat them later.

Maybe there could be a swap next year if people want to bring cupcakes home… attendees could make two dozen – one dozen for tasting and one dozen for the swap and then take home an assortment of other people’s cupcakes in exchange for what you contributed for the swap. I think this would give people the opportunity to take some cute photos too, since the roped off staging area was where the mounds of beautiful cupcakes were.

I really like the nametag idea – maybe everyone could wear a nametag with your name and also the kind of cupcake that you brought written on it??? I’m shy, so I need any mingling help I can get.

Anyways, I wish Cupcake Camp the best…

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