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All of our sponsors are great people, with great companies, who have turned out to support a fun night for a great cause! Today’s highlighted sponsor is, a company that does great work for keeping inboxes happy:


Return Path champions inbox standards for email senders and receivers. We believe that email is too important to just go missing. This is why we invented the Sender Score reputation measure which gives nearly every IP on the planet a score based on the metrics that distinguish legitimate email from spam: volume, complaint rates, unknown user rates, infrastructure, spam trap hits and content. Our Sender Score is based on data contributed by ISPs and other receivers of large volume email into the Return Path Reputation Network, the world’s most comprehensive and accessible email reputation and knowledge database. We offer free access to our Sender Score to any sender, receiver or consumer of email at our reputation portal: Information about Return Path can be found at

CupcakeCamp Vancouver is really happy to be featuring Angela Baldonero, ReturnPath’s VP, as one of our Cupcake Judges! If you see Angela tonight, feel free to say hello! 

AB Profile PicAngela Baldonero is the VP, People which means that she is responsible for making Return Path a high performing machine and the best place to work in the industry. Angela has recently relocated back to Vancouver, BC from NYC. Angela loves working at RP and since she’s local she’s also eager to get involved with local high growth companies. Angela is a certified Executive Coach, a certified Team Coach and focuses on working with leaders who are fiercely committed to their growth and maximizing their impact.

And she loves cupcakes!


Over the course of the next week, CupcakeCampYVR is proud to present a series of posts on our awesome sponsors! These companies have all provided a gift of money or product to give away as prizes for our competitions. The first sponsor we want to introduce is Tartlets, a professional pastry and cake design company based in Vancouver:

You can visit their website at:

Tartlets provides a range of services, including cake and pastry baking, catering, and classes. With a big range of flavours, and the ability to order custom cakes for great prices, Tartlets is really making a name for themselves in Vancouver. Of course, Tartlets also offers cupcakes on the menu, and a number of different cake, pastry, tart, and baking courses to choose from. If you’ve got an evening or weekend free, we suggest taking their  cake decorating classes (offered in a number of levels, from beginner all the way to advanced techniques, like fondant and concept design!) 

We’re really happy to have Tartlets as such a generous sponsor for our event. Their work is beautiful, intricate, and very professional.

CupcakeCamp Vancouver currently has a number of sponsorship packages available:

Silver Sponsor ($1 – $99 or in-kind contribution): If you choose to sponsor CupcakeCamp Vancouver with a contribution of up to $99 or an in-kind contribution, we’ll be happy to include your company’s logo/link on the CupcakeCamp Vancouver website, and all of our promotional material. As well, we will provide wall space for any banners or promo material you would like to show at the event. You will also be supplied with a guaranteed spot on the guest list. (4 spots available)

Gold Sponsor ($100 – $499 contribution): Gold Sponsors will have their company’s link/logo made available on the CupcakeCampVancouver webpage and all promotional material, and we will blog about your contributions to the event as well! At the event, we will provide lots of space for your banners/promo material, and will also supply you with 2 spots on the guest list. (1 spot available)

Platinum Sponsor ($500+ contribution): Platinum Sponsors will have all the benefits of the Gold Sponsorship, and will also be guaranteed 4 spots on the guest list for all future CupcakeCamp Vancouver events! For your generosity, you will also have the opportunity to speak about your company or organization for 2 minutes at the event, and will get a free CupcakeCamp Vancouver tee-shirt (with your company’s logo shown prominently, of course!). (2 spots available)

Please email us at: if you would like to be a sponsor!

Quick Look:

WHAT: CupcakeCamp Vancouver #1

WHEN: Friday, July 10th from 6:30-9:30 PM

WHERE: Workspace! #400-21 Water St. Vancouver

Click the links along the top of the page for more information about C3YVR #1 !

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