CupcakeCamp Vancouver!

What’s this thing, sitting on my kitchen counter? Oh yeah, it’s one of the MANY prizes that will be awarded to donators at the event!

We’ve got a different take on ‘door’ prizes at C3YVR- because our event is centered around giving (and not just receiving yummy cupcakes), we want to give back to our community as well. That means that anyone who makes a donation to the Downtown Eastside Womens Centre when registering will be eligible to win door prizes! 

If you choose to donate, we’ll put a check next to your ticket number and will randomly select winners throughout the evening. Donations can be of any amount (we suggest $5) and will be taken in the reception area. All of the money will go directly to the Downtown Eastside Womens Centre. You can read more about the DEWC in our FAQ and on their website.

Please remember that you don’t have to donate to participate at CupcakeCamp Vancouver- the event is free!

PS: The pink cupcake-shaped object? Yeah, it’s a solo cupcake carrier. Are you excited yet?


Attention CupcakeCampYVR bakers, this post is for you! Here’s the official list of cupcake competitions that will be held during the first ever CupcakeCamp Vancouver event.

Get your spatulas ready, because you can compete in any one of the following contests: 

1. Best Tasting Cupcake: Yup, this is exactly what it sounds like. Our esteemed C3YVR judges will sample your cupcakes and determine what tastes the best of the bunch!

2. Best Decorated Cupcake: Just like on Iron Chef, you’ll get extra points for plating and presentation. Taste is taking a backseat to style in this competition, but please don’t forget the sugar. You can go artistic, extravagant, or minimalist, the choice is all yours.

3. Most Creative Cupcake: This is your chance to go wild with the flavours, decorations and all the wonderful ephemera that goes along with cupcakes. Bring your best, weirdest, and most fun designs to be judged by the panel. Creativity really counts-whether it be in your decoration, ingredients, or the slam-poem that you recite right before the judges take their first nibble. 

The only thing we ask is that you please choose to enter only one of the competitions, as we’re going to have a lot of participants and not a lot of time! 

Protocol for entering: Nothing fancy- just make sure that you get to the event before registration closes (7PM). We’ll need you to give us your name, the name of your cupcake, and one cake out of those that you’ve brought to the event. We will make sure your cupcake is set aside in a special judge’s zone, so that it doesn’t get mixed in with the feeding frenzy.

Tickets went lightning-fast time time around, just like they did for the first time. If you haven’t gotten a ticket, don’t fret! We’re planning to hold another CupcakeCampYVR during the summer of 2010, and will definitely be booking an even larger venue for next time. 

For those who have gotten a ticket, make sure you keep reading the blog for more information about the event, including previews of some of the prizes and interviews with our judges, sponsors, and organizers. We also have plenty of recipes to post, and more cupcake-related posts in the works.

Sign up at to get your tickets to CupcakeCamp Vancouver- they’re going to go fast!

Good news, everyone!

We’ll be making TWENTY more tickets available this Sunday at 2 PM! Since the last round of tickets sold out so quickly, we’re anticipating that this batch will probably disappear very fast as well. Make sure you’ll be at your computer at 2PM on Sunday in order to secure your spot at CupcakeCamp Vancouver.











C3YVR has a great suggestion for finding cool, unique ingredients to include in your cupcake recipes- check out the local farmers markets in your neck of the woods! Vancouver is really lucky to have a large selection of great markets to attend, and there’s plenty of time before CupcakeCamp YVR to go hunting for great ingredients. 

What can you find at the farmers markets?

Local produce, ingredients, and crafts from vendors- as well as plants, free entertainment, and events like cookbook swaps! You can find lots of good ideas for meals and baked goods, as well- and meet lots of people from your Vancouver community. 

CupcakeCamp Vancouver suggests that you look for unique ingredients to add to your cupcake recipes. At the market, we’ve found beautiful fresh strawberries and raspberries, as well as organic walnuts, granola, and apple chips. We’ve also gotten lots of inspiration for cupcake recipes, garnishes, and icings, just by walking the market and seeing the abundance of great food.

When and where are the markets held?

Vancouver farmers markets are held at a number of locations throughout the city- on Main street, the newest location, the market is held weekly on Wednesdays in front of Pacific Central rail station from 3-7 PM. There’s also the Trout Lake farmers market, held on Saturdays, and the West End farmers market (1100 Comox) held on Saturdays as well (both from 9AM-2PM). On Sundays in Kitsilano, the Kits farmers market is held at 10th and Larch from 10AM-2PM weekly. All of these locations carry a wide selection of food and crafts from local vendors. 

Don’t forget that June is bike month!

Photo credit: svacher on flickr


For the first in a series of cupcake recipes, CupcakeCamp YVR wanted to give you something a little bit different- so we opted to post a vegan recipe! In the future, we also plan to post a recipe for gluten-free cupcakes, and of course, a number of tried-and-true traditional recipes that always delight. Be adventurous! 🙂

This recipe was posted on the Liberation BC blog, who suggest that you use fresh rosemary for the recipe as opposed to dry. Some of the wording has been changed slightly for clarity. 

Recipe follows after the jump!
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WHAT: CupcakeCamp Vancouver #1

WHEN: Friday, July 10th from 6:30-9:30 PM

WHERE: Workspace! #400-21 Water St. Vancouver

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